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PHARE » English overview

English overview

Since 2001, PHARE is the only French research unit specialised in the history of economic thought. The team studies economic representations, from the triple point of view of history, philosophy and literature. Members of the team favour a historical approach which takes support on texts.


Since 2014, the project of PHARE is open to other disciplines, philosophy and literary studies, in particular to Anglicists. Our research interests lie in texts and in philosophical debates that matter to the history of economic thought, in the dialogue between economics and ethics in the spirit of political economy, and in economic concepts in philosophy, ethics and literature.



Thanks to this specific focus, PHARE is at the centre of a considerable network of junior and senior researchers, and in fact one of the very few places in the world where interactions between economy, history, philosophy and literature are the object of organised collective research, and where the history of economic thought is not separated from intellectual history, from the history of science or from the history of economic facts.


In terms of historical periods, although works undertaken at PHARE principally concern the early modern, modern and contemporary periods (with a particular focus on the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries), the team remains open to researches dealing with previous centuries as long as the latter are designed in connection with theoretical problems in which economists are nowadays interested.


PHARE takes part in a more general movement of de-compartmentalising economics, aiming at widening questions about the conceptual, historical, cultural and political foundations of economics. The purpose of the team is to put the history of economic thought at the service of the necessary dialogue between social sciences and humanities, in order to highlight the presuppositions, limits, but also the transdisciplinary potential of economic representations.


Five research themes are currently explored :

Decision, well-being, trust, commitment

Economy, literature and fictions

Money market : history and theory

History of the theories of justice


Crises and institutions : from political economy to macroeconomics.


1. Members of PHARE :



PHARE  is currently managed by Laurent Jaffro, university professor in philosophy, Senior member of the Institut universitaire de France ( laurent.jaffro@univ-paris1.fr ) and Goulven Rubin, university professor in economy ( goulven.rubin@univ-paris1.fr ).


PHARE brings together a team of economists, philosophers, scholars in anglophone literature and civilization, and is open to all research in human sciences that is concerned with economic representations.



-  Permanent faculty in economics, philosophy, anglophone  literature and civilisation:


- Associates from French and foreign research centres:


- PhD students (some with international co-supervision) and postdoctoral researchers in economics or philosophy




2. Publications of PHARE :


The members of PHARE  publish in national and international journals that are well recognised in the field :






3. Master's degree, doctorate and postdoctorate in the history of  economic thought :



PHARE  hosts the Master’s degree in History of Economic Thought. A significant number of PhD students in economics at PHARE have graduated in this programme.


This programme, open to foreign students, provides excellent and internationally recognised training in the history of economic thought. It follows a tradition at the Sorbonne of reflecting on the history of economic thought, and on its methods and relationships with other social sciences

Opens external link in new windowhttps://phare.univ-paris1.fr/formations/master-histoire-de-la-pensee-economique-history-of-economic-thought/



Philosophers at PHARE supervise works in the domains of moral philosophy, philosophy of action, philosophy &  economics, ethics & economics, as well as in the history of early modern and modern philosophy, notably anglophone.


Some of them collaborate with the Master's programme ‘Philosophy and Society’ at Panthéon-Sorbonne Philosophy Department, which includes teaching units that interact with researches led at PHARE.


Phare often welcomes national and international PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, in philosophy or in economics, for one or two terms.

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